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Benedita Formosinho

On a journey to our roots, with inspiration and emotion, ever moving art, timeless and responsible, made in Portugal.

Our work has as main focus the creation of timeless pieces, by the design and quality, the noble materials, autochthonous of our country, the natural materials and the techniques with history and imbued with emotions. Promoting the concept of sustainability in a creative production, with ethics and made in Portugal, each piece is developed, recognizing its origin and evolution as a guarantee of cultural authenticity, where contemporary is combined with the revaluation of the traditional knowledge.

Simplicity pieces with details, pieces that explore an organic side, with a contrast of textures and free shapes. Design pieces that can wear with the essentials of our wardrobe and that last in it for a long time is one of our missions.

We do care and advocate local raw materials, local artisans, innovative new materials that go hand on hand with the environment and the planet in general.

The choice of our materials is very important to us. Use of a traditional fabric in the creation of a garment, preserving the cultural authenticity of the Alentejo blanket, made on manual looms by local artisans Fábrica Alentejana de Lanifícios – wool, natural, sustainable, recyclable and durable. Handmade details that make the difference and value the piece.

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