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Carob World is a registered brand, since 2015, based in the Algarve, in the city of Faro. It was born to develop, produce and market Natural/Premium products based on carob, such as powder, bars , spreads and syrup, free of gluten, stimulants and preservatives and without added sugars.

Carob plays an important role in the Mediterranean diet and has been cultivated in southern Portugal (Algarve) for decades. Our products carry the tradition of ancient harvesting methods. It is a highly versatile product in terms of the uses to which it can be put, through different processes and different industrial applications and transformations.

We have the following certifications: Vegan, Bio, Halal, Kosher, IFS.

Carob Powder

Carob Bar

Carob Almond Bar

Carob Milk Bar

Carob Almond and Milk Bar

Carob Syrup

Carob Almond and Milk Spread

Carob Almond Spread

Mediterranean Secrets

Mediterranean Secrets Vegan