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EMOTIONAL OBJECTS is a brand of decorative objects and high-end furniture, born by two Portuguese architects, which had its world debut at Maison & Objet Paris in January 2016.

All objects are manufactured in Portugal, with premium materials, combining high-tech technology with the most qualified craftsmanship art and Portuguese tradition; this is the way of creating unique and exclusive furniture, almost Art pieces. Besides the bold and edgy design, EMOTIONAL OBJECTS wants to be recognized for the pieces’ timelessness and outstanding care of detail. The intention was never to follow trends or fashion but to create objects as future classics that will stand the test of time.

Joao Faria, the designer, makes his prototypes and tests his ideas like a sculptor. After trying one or several solutions, he chooses the best artisans to make them. The number of pieces it’s always small, mainly limited series and one-off custom-made objects.

Since the beginning, the brand has already won eight international design awards, and in November 2018, Harper’s Bazaar Interior Awards nominated EMOTIONAL OBJECTS as “Best Brand Innovation 2018”. 

Roots Home Desk

Lazy Day Sofa

Lazy Day Armchair

Excentric 1.0 Sideboard

Mikado Grand Table

Fifties Home Desk

Nature Console Table

Nature Coffee Table

Convex Sideboard

Let’s Go Outside Sofa