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Fátima Lopes

In 1992 Fátima Lopes launches her own brand, presents her first Fashion Show and opens her first boutique in Lisbon. Her talent and work were quickly recognized.

In 1999, Fatima Lopes presented her first Fashion Show at Paris Fashion Week, and became the 1st Portuguese Fashion Designer to enter the elitist Capital of Fashion.

The designer surprised the world when in 2000 she walked at the catwalk of Paris Fashion Week, with a bikini, valued one million dollars, all in gold and diamonds.

In 2005 Fátima Lopes became responsable for the image and creation of the oficial Outfits for the Portuguese Football Team, the beginning of a long partnership.

In 2006 Fátima Lopes was honored with the title of “Comendadora” by the President of the Republic. This recognition was a result of her services in the expansion of Portuguese culture.

In 2011, Fátima Lopes once again, surprised the fashion world by presenting the 1st fashion show ever at the Eiffel Tour.

In 2019, Fatima Lopes celebrated the 20th Anniversary in Paris Fashion Week, with her 41st fashion show.

In 2022 was the best year, Fátima Lopes celebrated the 30th anniversary of career and opened a new shop at the most importante fashion spot in Lisbon, Avenida da Liberdade nr 247.

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