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IMAGO was founded in 2017 by Frederico. He was inspired to create a unique and trendy t-shirt concept based on images (IMAGO means image in Latin). He quickly understood that building synergies with designers and exploring the colors and patterns, would widen the brand’s reach. While lining up the brand with a young spirit, and genuinely adventurous, IMAGO progressively got its value and market positioning recognized by its target audience. The goals that have been achieved, within such a short time frame are the product of that work and positioning. We don’t want to stop here. By combining our accelerated lifestyle, we seek to inspire our target audience to adventure across the world and live every day in its entirety.

Gold Coast Shirt

Florence Shirt

Cool Gray Sweatshirt

Going Bananas Sweatshirt

Hawthorn Rose Sweatshirt

Black Beauty Sweatshirt

Frosty Green Sweatshirt

Monalisa Sweatshirt

Fade Blue

And So It Is Bucket