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Born in 2021, J-UNK is the only footwear brand that uses fire hoses damaged in fires.

Together with Shoelutions, we looked for a strong identity, with an emotional connection that made sense.

The idea of linking this type of footwear to the “punk /hipster” music style with which the owner identifies emerged and another idea comes to mind, adding a social cause in favor of firefighters, an entity with which he has maintained connections throughout his life.

Born from the union of the “punk” style with the “hipster”, we want to join a more careful, aesthetic, and perfect side that characterizes the “hipster” with a more irreverent side, linked to music and full of sex appeal that characterizes “punk”.

The London creative spirit is very present, and this involvement will lead to contemporary products with a bold design

The originality of the models is also that they have in common the use of recycled material from damaged firefighters’ hoses.

In addition to the ecological side, there is also the social aspect with donations to Humanitarian associations of volunteer firefighters.

J-Derby Boot Black

J-Derby Boot Brown

J-Derby Boot Grey

J-Oxford Black

J-Oxford Brown

J-Oxford Grey

J-Top Black

J-Top Brown

J-Top Grey

J-Trainer Black

J-Trainer Brown

J-Trainer Grey