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JuliusAtelier is a new online footwear store of our Footwear Company Trofal S.A. It is a tribute to grandfather Júlio, the 2nd generation of the shoemaker family who inspired future generations with his knowledge and experience.

JuliusAtelier sells quality footwear in which 90% of the models are produced using the “Goodyear Welted” manufacturing process. The “Goodyear Welted” is a technique passed from generation to generation and stands out as being the most complex method and the highest quality. It involves more than 200 operations and is known for its comfort, breathability, flexibility, and heat and cold protection. It provides an unparalleled durability!

The online store JuliusAtelier sells shoes and boots from various Trofal multi-brands, mainly: ELITE, an adventure and vintage brand characterized by its casual, country, nautical, horsemanship, mountaineering models whose its iconic boot (Trappeur) has participated in several expeditions around the world. DODGE is more technical brand. NATUR TROOFS is a footwear brand that bases its values on sustainability and concern for the environment with mainly classic models.

All the footwear is handcrafted by highly qualified craftsmen with the finest raw materials (natural, recyclable, and biodegradable) with the aim of promoting the circular economy.

Looking to the future and as a commitment to a greener planet, the online store provides useful tips on how to take care of your shoes depending on the material they are made of, as well as information on how to repair your shoes which is possible due to the “Goodyear Welted” manufacturing system which allows for an easy repair which increases the lifespan of the shoes for many years. Sustainability is strongly present, and we are contributing to reducing the carbon footprint.

We put our passion and doing well tradition in every single pair of shoes and boots we make. The result is a superior quality handcrafted shoes and boots.






S. Diego