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The Maria Chocolate brand was born in 2013, the fruit of the Monteiro Family’s love for chocolate. They are chocolates created by delicate and dedicated hands to sweeten people’s lives. Our mission is to offer our customers the magic resulting from artisanal work, letting everyone know the formula of pleasure, with the special touch of our recipes.

We strive so that every day the world of Maria Chocolate reaches as many people as possible, giving them the opportunity to get to know and try our delicious products.

As a brand committed to quality and transparency, we seek to embrace projects and partnerships that, we believe, not only add value to our brand but also bring direct gains to our customers.

Therefore, our work brings the love for chocolate and the pleasure of being part of special moments and the creation of good memories through our flavours.

Chocolate box 9 Gran Cruz Special Reserve 

Chocolate bar Gran Cruz Special Reserve 

Mini Chocolate Bar Gran Cruz Special Reserve 

Chocolate box 9 Gran Cruz Pink

Chocolate bar Gran Cruz Pink

Mini Chocolate Bar Gran Cruz Pink

Can of custard tart chocolate

Milk chocolate sardine

Box 9 Portuguese Flavored Chocolates