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In 2021, MaxiLeaf, a Portuguese eco-friendly sleepwear and homewear brand, was born.

In the middle of a pandemic, while everyone was forced to stay home, the founder of the brand started to care even more about being comfortable and ‘well-dressed’ even when no one would see it.
Being a mom of four kids, who she made clothes for, and working for many years in the textile industry made the process seem natural. So, we launched the first Collection at September 16th 2021.

At MaxiLeaf we design unique collections for men, women and children, and are moved by three principals:

  • Quality
  • Comfort
  • Conscious Production

MaxiLeaf has a Permanent Collection, which is the first we ever made, and it remains online throughout the seasons. However, every season we launch a ‘capsule-collection’, a small collection that will at the beginning of the next season go to the ‘archive’ section. This way, we can avoid wasting resources and perfectly good clothes. It is our aim that our capsule-collections portray our enthusiasm for a conscious and sustainable textile industry that respects and protects the planet, our employees and supply chain.

Each garment is produced in a controlled manner, through efficient management of all resources involved in the production process, minimising our environmental footprint.
Our activity is developed in the national and international market through the online sale of quality clothing, made exclusively in Portugal by us. To ensure this quality we select natural, organic and recyclable raw materials, which make our garments more comfortable, versatile and sustainable. In some collections we also use upcycling, so that there is the least possible environmental impact. We believe that we should make the most of the fabrics that are already made and give them a second chance/life.

“The Future starts today” is MaxiLeaf’s slogan. Today we take a step towards the future, towards a greener, more sustainable and more biodiversity friendly world.

Opt for the conscious and eco-friendly choice by wearing MaxiLeaf. More than a piece of clothing, a tool for affirming a conscious identity.


Women’s Satin Geometric Shirt Pyjama Set


Women’s Grey Gown and Trousers Set


Women’s Brown Organic Cotton Fleece Sweatshirt


White Linen Breastfeeding Dress


Men’s Brown Pyjama Set in Cotton with Pocket


Men’s Black Embroidered T-shirt in Organic Cotton


Men’s Green Christmas Sweatpants in Organic Cotton


Kid’s Cotton Floral Pyjama Set


Kid’s Pants in Organic Cotton


Kid’s Ducks Print Shirt & Trousers Pyjama Set