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Over 32 years, MIGUEL VIERA has become a flagship brand in the Portuguese fashion industry with a style that reflects elegance, charm, and glamour. Collection after collection, the predominance of black and white became one of Miguel Vieira’s most significant references.

The modern classic cuts are based on a choice of raw materials, which are carefully selected by a team of experts within his studio. The Miguel Vieira man and woman are professionally successful, elegant, and like to travel but, at the same time, are always focused on their haven. The core of friends around them immensely appreciate being “well dressed with elegance” and, altogether, form a clan that surprises everyone when they arrive somewhere. They are always aware of the latest proposals of the leading brands of international designers, which is also a code of conversation between them.

The Miguel Vieira man and woman also find the details and quality of materials very important. During the day, they wear casual pieces based on a modern classic but keep their chic side in the most delicate moments. They visit the world’s most cosmopolitan destinations and go to the best restaurants, hotels, and bars, dominated by luxury and design. They are “strong,” independent, and, above all, successful.

Currently, the Miguel Vieira universe consists of garments; junior garments, shoes, jewelry, bags, accessories, furniture, and eyewear. MIGUEL VIEIRA regularly presents his collections at Portugal Fashion, New York Fashion Week, and Milan Fashion Week.

MV 7000 Brown Derby

MV 7001 Double Monk Brogue

7006/128 Oxford Brogue

MV 196/1

MV 3003/152 White Sneaker

2003/122 Suede & Nappa High Top Sneaker

2002/118 Nappa Sneaker

MV 2001/149 White/Beige/Blue Sneaker

MV 5000/148 White/Grey/Blue Sneaker

MV 188/1