Bicos Bicolor | Vista Alegre

The popular Bicos glass has a new and original interpretation. Touches of colour have been added to the existing range, which alternate between stem and body, allowing for fun combinations, without this classic glass losing its sophisticated characteristics.

Collection award winning with European Product Design Award 2018 and nominated for the German Design Awards 2019.


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  • Rua Nova | Vista Alegre

    Rua Nova | Vista Alegre

    Inspired in the renascence blue tiles the Bordallo Pinheiro, Rua Nova combines tradition and modernity.

    With a broad range of utilitarian pieces and tabletop accessories, in four different colors, this collection pays tribute to the blue tiles, which came to be so admire as a Portuguese icon.

    This collection was distinguished with a nomination for the German Design Awards.


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  • Terrace | Vista Alegre

    Terrace | Vista Alegre

    Richly decorated in gold, with hand-painted details.

    Elegant and distinct decoration. This new dinnerware set with a style that refers back to the Gothic art of the Renaissance era, results in a classic decoration with contemporary and timeless elements.


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  • Butterfly Parade | Vista Alegre

    Butterfly Parade | Vista Alegre

    A parade of imaginary butterflies flying randomly with a notable three-dimensional effect. A collection resulting from the Vista Alegre and Christian Lacroix Maison collaboration, easily mix-and-matchable with all the different collections developed between the two prestigious brands, highlighting its sophisticated design.

    Dinner set and decorative pieces with handmade details in gold and platinum. Lush and rich, the Butterfly Parade allows you to combine this collection with Vista Alegre and Christian Lacroix decorations like Forum, Sol y Sombra and Picassiette.

    A collection that is luxurious and bold, fun and exquisite, blending the iconic elements of both brands.


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  • Coralina | Vista Alegre

    Coralina | Vista Alegre

    Coralina is a new tableware set based on the genius of one of the most highly reputed designers of haute couture in the entire world – Oscar de la Renta.

    The floral motifs inspired by a dress created for the magazine Vogue in September 2006, reflect the magnificence and elegance that the designer placed in all his creations.

    Decorated with a palette of warm and strong colours, Coralina reflects the passion that Oscar de la Renta felt for these natural shades represented in the fragrances, haute couture clothing and accessories with his signature.

    A collection that echoes the splendour of the creations of this fashion designer.


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