Terrace | Vista Alegre

Richly decorated in gold, with hand-painted details.

Elegant and distinct decoration. This new dinnerware set with a style that refers back to the Gothic art of the Renaissance era, results in a classic decoration with contemporary and timeless elements.


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  • Splendour | Vista Alegre

    Splendour | Vista Alegre

    Harmonious shiny effect.

    Simple and elegant lines featuring a detailed edge cutting of small spikes that shine with the splendour of the crystal.

    A tableware set with a reinterpretation of a classic geometric cutting. A sober and elegant set that can be easily combined.


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  • Watermelon | Vista Alegre

    Watermelon | Vista Alegre

    Following the vegetable and fruit collection by Bordallo Pinheiro, this collection features juicy and colorful watermelons.

    A complete range that includes bowls, fruit bowls, cake stand and accent plates, these items resemble the fruit, through very realistic irregularities in the shapes, texture and details like the seeds and the bright colors achieved.

    Bordallo Pinheiro remains faithful to tradition using ancestral manufacture techniques along with naturalistic motifs. At the same time, the brand is able to deliver a contemporary dimension to its portfolio, thanks to the excellence of its production and its continuous reinvention, both at the aesthetic and technical level.


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  • Cabbage | Vista Alegre

    Cabbage | Vista Alegre

    An unequalled reference of the Portuguese culture, Bordallo Pinheiro approached different artistic areas beginning ceramic production in 1884, revealing pieces of great technical and artistic quality, always featuring a unique aesthetic sense.

    Cabbage, in its rough and flat form, could be used as a metaphor for Portugal’s rustic ways, which Bordallo had so many times caricatured. This was a clever way to honor it, placing it on the bourgeois’ tables, where other way it had not been invited.


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  • Bicos Bicolor | Vista Alegre

    Bicos Bicolor | Vista Alegre

    The popular Bicos glass has a new and original interpretation. Touches of colour have been added to the existing range, which alternate between stem and body, allowing for fun combinations, without this classic glass losing its sophisticated characteristics.

    Collection award winning with European Product Design Award 2018 and nominated for the German Design Awards 2019.


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